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St. Stephen parish church on Coleman Street in London, England was destroyed in WW2 by German bombs on December 29, 1940. 

Whiting-GLOBAL was created in 2012 by descendants of Edwin Whiting (born September 9, 1809 in Lee, Berkshire, Massachusetts). Because the work on this Whiting line had been blocked due to the loss of records in England, they determined to take a fresh approach. They adopted a "one-name study" approach which they hoped would find the connections they were looking for.

They also recognized the need to collaborate and share their work in order to maximize resources, avoid duplication, and reduce errors. So after creating Whiting-Global they collected all of the previous research they could find, loaded it into a central, limited-access database, and began collaborative research in England.

We invite you to contribute your documented family history records to this global repository. Contact us below.


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