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This is a preliminary list . Please help expand it to include other significant websites by sending the website address and other descriptive information to Contact Us.

Haverhill Whitings (England). This is a rich, high quality  source of very well-documented genealogy on the Whitings who lived in the area of Haverhill, Suffolk, England.  Go to this website

Edwin Whiting was born 9 September 1809 in Lee, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, USA. This website (the Edwin Whiting Online Archives) summarizes his life, his family, and his posterity.  Go to this website

This Edwin Whiting was born on 8 Aug 1857 in Manti, Sanpete, Utah, USA. This website is for descendants of the Edwin Marion and Anna Maria Whiting Family. 

Go to this website

William Whiting, early settler of Hartford, Connecticut (died approx 1647). Includes information about this William Whiting plus several generations of his descendants.  Go to this website

logo, Cox Website (Orville Sutherland).j

Includes information on Mary Elizabeth Cox Whiting, Frederick Walter Cox, and their siblings.  

Go to this website

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