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A marvelous gift

Updated: Aug 26, 2018

Around 1735 James Whiting was born in the area of the hamlet of Hartley Mauditt in the East Hampshire district of Hampshire, England. The village, now abandoned, included this 12th century church.

James Whiting is the ancestor of 2,924 people we just added to the Whiting-GLOBAL genealogical database. These people are very well-researched and documented and came as a gift from Chris Goff, an experienced genealogical researcher who lives in England and is a descendant of James. These are his ancestors, they include a significant branch of the family that settled in New Zealand in 1856 aboard the barque Inchinnan.

Whiting-GLOBAL now has more than 56,000 Whitings and descendants on our website. We are the global resource for information about the Whiting surname.

Norman church (circa 1100AD) at the edge of the hamlet of Hartley Mauditt.
St Leonard's Church (circa 1100AD)


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